Flea Facts

flea   Fleas are the major cause of skin allergies & itchy pets vetcare-fleas

DID YOU KNOW … 95% of fleas live in our environment – only 5% of fleas live on our pets – a scratching pet is not normal – a flea jumps 200x it’s own height – fleas lay up to 50 eggs a day – signs of brown dirt on your pet’s skin is flea poop – fleas commence laying eggs within 24 hrs of landing on your pet – most owners don’t see the few fleas on their pet!

STOP the cycle of fleas early … Fleas – Eggs – Larvae – Pupae – Fleas … TREAT your pet today!

It is IMPORTANT to treat the eggs, larvae & pupal stages of the flea in the home environment too. Flea pupae may remain dormant for up to a year & under ideal conditions in the warmer months of summer hatch!

For your pets, at EHVH we recommend a monthly tablet COMFORTIS as our preferred choice of flea treatment in cats & dogs. It kills fleas faster & lasts for 30 days minimum after a single dose. For those cats not amenable to taking pills, we recommend either Activyl or Revolution.

Does your pet like to swim or get wet regularly with bathing? Comfortis still works, unlike topical spotton type applications. Also there is no lingering residual drug residue on your hands after patting your pet.

Alternatively, a new product PANORAMIS (as seen recently on TV advertising for our canine pets only) is an excellent product as it contains the active ingredient in Comfortis plus a heartworm preventative & worming agent. So you only need to dose your family pet once monthly instead of two or three different drugs.

Combination products for dogs ONLY (effective for fleas and ticks) such as Bravecto or Nexgard are very useful in this area with such a high risk of tick paralysis.