Flea & Tick Prevention

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NEXGARD is a monthly beef tasting chewable oral treatment for flea and tick control on dogs only. It can be given with or without food, and is suitable for puppies from 8 weeks of age, or if > 2 kg bodyweight.

It is not affected by bathing or swimming; & will kill most fleas within 6-8 hours and achieve >99% efficacy for the duration of the 30 days.

Efficacy against paralysis tick is stated as >98.5% within 48 hours of the tick attaching to the dog. As it generally takes a minimum of 3.5 days after attachment for clinical signs to appear, this product should prevent signs. Safety margin for the active ingredient (afoxolaner) is high with no adverse effects seen in field trials in homes across Australia, with the exception of a rare vomiting episode.

Pack sizes are 2-4kg; 4-10kg; 10-25kg; and 25-50kg. Ask our nurses for more information.