Professional Learning for Our Vets

EHVH invests heavily in continuing education of our vets so that our clients continue to receive the most up to date care. Recent post graduate education courses attended include Dr Holly Boyden in Sydney at a surgical dentistry and oral health seminar. Dr Alice Dunn ventured to the University of Queensland’s Gatton campus for a cruciate ligament surgical workshop over two days; and Dr Jacqui Letondeur attended the same venue for a two day ophthalmic surgery workshop.

TTA Workshop – Dr Alice Dunn, recently returned from an intensive workshop to complete her training in Tibial Tuberosity Advancement Surgery (TTA). Alice has been performing this surgery with Dr Michael Jones to provide the best option for cruciate repair. The workshop was run by surgical specialist Brent Higgins, the creator of the OssAbility system for TTA surgery. This system provides a structured and supported way of performing the advanced orthopaedic procedure. Alice also learnt how to perform epidural analgesia during the workshop and will provide this service for pain relief. Alice enjoys performing this surgery and the successful results it provides to her patients, making a sore leg stable and comfortable again.

Dentistry Workshop – Dr Holly Boyden attended a practical and theory dental course run by Dr Christine Hawke (Sydney Pet Dentistry). This course gave Holly a good refresher on best diagnosis, treatment and management of many common dog and cat dental conditions. The importance of good veterinary dental services is increasingly recognised as being vital for good health and best quality of life in our animal family members. In particular, the course focused on atraumatic and efficient extraction techniques, best pain relief practises, and the requirement of veterinary radiography and thorough exam under anaesthetic to allow effective diagnosis and treatment of most dental lesions.

Ophthalmology Workshop – Dr Jacqui Letondeur recently travelled to The University of Queensland veterinary campus to undertake a training course in small animal ophthalmology. Ophthalmology relates to the anatomy, physiology and pathology of eyes. The course covered diagnosing and treating ocular and peri-ocular conditions quickly and effectively, which is vital to saving the vision and maintaining the quality of life of many of our furry friends. The information gained at the course was not only invaluable for Jacqui’s clinical skills, but has the flow-on effect of better equipping Erina Heights Vets with helping the animal members of your family!