Unlucky Gall Bladder Problem

“Lucky” an 11 year old Maltese terrier was referred from another clinic for abdominal ultrasound due to ongoing abdominal pain, vomiting and dehydration. His blood results pointed to liver disease; which in aged dogs can be due to cancer, infections, immune based disease, fatty liver disease, and a blocked bile duct often secondary to pancreatitis.


Our ultrasound showed a gall bladder with a particular image suggestive of a gall bladder mucocoele which is rather rare, and certainly offers a better prognosis than liver tumour; but still requires immediate surgery. The gall bladder fills with thick, bacteria laden bitumen like contents that requires a gall bladder removal asap. So “Lucky” had an exploratory laparotomy that same day, with the operation going very well despite the difficulty of access in this tiny patient.






Lucky made a prompt recovery and is now back to his best although his mum has to ensure he stays on a low fat diet.