Canine Exercise Program

canine-exerciseAt EHVH we offer a comprehensive rehabilitation program structured to the individual post operative orthopaedic or neurological patient, in our underwater treadmill and a personalised home exercise program.

The ‘Canine Exercise Program’, devised by the worlds leading canine orthopaedic rehab specialist, Professor Darryl Millis from the University of Tennessee, gives us over 270 specific rehabilitation exercises. The home program, with easy to understand instructions for each exercise via website access, is specifically designed for individual patients and the exercise schedule is upgraded as progress is made.

When appropriate, a high priority is also given to exercise in our heated underwater treadmill as it will increase the range of movement in joints by 30-40% post operatively compared to conventional exercise. Dogs reluctant to weight bear on a painful limb on land will happily use the underwater treadmill, the buoyancy assists pets to restore their mobility!