Orthopaedic Surgery at EHVH

WedgePS1 cruciate-xray1 cruciate-ligament-postop

‘OssAbility Titanium Wedge’ … This ‘OssAbility’ version of the tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA) is now our preferred method of surgical repair of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

In orthopaedics; this is a 3D printed titanium mesh wedge developed by a NZ bioengineer. It is used to fill the gap made when the tibial tuberosity is advanced in neutralizing thrust forces in a knee with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. It means two less screws than the former variant of this cruciate surgery as it has a high ‘drag’ coefficient; & attracts new bone growth. We offer the ‘OssAbility’ titanium wedge system as an advance on the previous cage system as a bone graft is not required and a more precise & predictive bone cut can be performed.

For at risk medium to large breeds for hip dysplasia we strongly suggest hip distraction radiographs at 16-18 weeks; so we have the opportunity if proven to have HD to perform a JPS (juvenile pubic symphysiodesis) surgery.

Our small breeds are notorious for having lameness caused by “slipping kneecaps” or medial luxating patellas. Surgery for its correction involves a 3 in 1 procedure at EHVH. Often both knees are done sequentially.

At EHVH we can perform most of the common repairs to the more complex, and we follow through post operatively with a comprehensive rehabilitation program structured to the individual patient. A high priority is given to exercise in our heated underwater treadmill as it will increase the range of movement in joints by 30-40% post operatively compared to conventional exercise. Watch our Underwater Treadmill in action on NBN news in the next blog article.

We also offer a rehab schedule devised by the worlds leading ortho rehab specialist; Professor Darryl Millis from the University of Tennessee. The program (Canine Exercise Program) gives us over 270 specific rehab exercises to choose the optimal rehab schedule for the patient.

For breeders serious about screening for HD (hip dysplasia) in their breeding stock we suggest PennHip radiographs be performed; as the traditional scoring system is now of dubious value.

Fracture repairs are commonplace at EHVH utilizing conventional plating & screw repairs and the less common external fixateur technique.