Celebrating ‘Vet Nurses Day”

nurses1Friday October 14th was Vet Nurses Day, celebrated at EHVH with lots of chocolates & flowers in recognition our nurses contribution to animal health care.

We can underestimate sometimes their value in the end result….for example with an orthopaedic patient – preop management of the patient includes administering the premed sedation, setting up the intravenous catheters, sterile skin preparation (the clip and antisepsis of the skin) – monitoring general anaesthesia and charting the vital signs – setting up a continuous rate infusion (CRI) of narcotics and lignocaine intravenously during and after the surgery – fluid administration, and giving drugs under the GA – blood taking, and processing of samples in our pathology machines – frequent application of ice packs and monitoring of analgesia & the monitoring of body temperature, and active warming of the patient during and after surgery. Post surgery the dressing changes & monitoring urine output……..

And then…………….you add in receptionist, telephonist, cleaner, social worker, animal behaviourist, rehab instructor, social worker and bereavement counsellor to their job description, and you get some idea of the skills our committed nurses carry out in a regular day at EHVH.

Here are a couple of beautiful comments on our FB page….choc

“Yes, I must say that we have been patrons of EHVH for 20 years! Have nursed my fur babies in and out of the world so perfectly! The culture of this practice is awesome! The vet nurses have always been the best. (Sally) 

Best vet nurses around! Shadow, Phoenix, Zoe and I can’t thank you guys enough for all your amazing work. We tell everyone to come & see you all! (Simone)