ORAVET – Artificial Bones!

Is there an alternative to natural bones as an aid to dental care for your family dog?

oravetwebOravet is a tasty chew available in four different size packs for all dogs with a permanent set of teeth (six months of age or older).

Most of our clients are now aware of our advice to consider the “long cut sheep neck”  to minimise dental calculus and periodontal disease. We recognise however, that some dogs (and their owners) are not suited to them.

In general, artificial bones have not proven as useful as a bone replacement. Now, a novel product – Oravet, has come to the market which on chewing releases the ingredient delmopinol, which coats the gums, teeth and tongue to form a protective barrier that prevents the attachment of bacteria that leads to calculus formation and bad breath.

We recommend that if your dog has any periodontal disease (calculus and gingivitis or worse!) that this be corrected first with a dental scale and polish under general anaesthesia before embarking on a preventive campaign with natural bone, Oravet, toothbrushing, dietary change or a combination of these.